What My Clientele Have to Say

Our dog Daisy was purchased from Mauro at Citywide Shepherds. We approached him early last year in 2016 through the Canadian Kennel Club for a pure bred GSD. She (Daisy) is our first dog and we were unsure about a GSD until we met Mauro and his dogs. Their behaviour and beauty was the first thing that struck us and we decided to go ahead with one.

Initially he had male pups available and advised us to wait the next litter for a female. Based on our circumstances we went ahead with his suggestion and purchased Daisy the following litter.

Recognizing that this was our first dog experience, Mauro maintained regular contact through Daisy's early months guiding us through queries and concerns.

Daisy is beautiful and an exceptionally smart puppy. Our vet was so impressed by her that she is now on the front page of their website.

Pros: Good quality breeder, nice caring person, wonderful dogs.

Cons: More expensive than some other breeders, but then I also believe you get what you pay for.


Mauro is one of the best German Shepherd breeders I have met in many years. I bought two of his puppies from his beautiful boy Dexter. I have the kindest and most amazing tempered boy Apollo from Dexter's first litter. Apollo is a beautiful long coat and a loving gentle beautiful boy.

I bought Apollo a sister from Dexter and Ramina's October 2016 litter. She's a regular coat GSD and has a beautiful temperament like her half brother.

Apollo and Dia are my 6th and 7th German Shepherds. Mauro and Citywide German Shepherds is someone I would recommend, as it is very hard to find quality pure bred dogs like he breeds.

Mauro has become a friend that cares about his dogs and their offspring, cares whom they are homed with, and their diet. If I could have more puppies I would, and would definately buy them from Citywide Shepherds.

Citywide also supplies me with the best raw food diet on the market, made personally by Mauro himself with high quality ingredients.

I've worked with dogs for the last 20 years, and the GSD's from his litters are of the best I've come across.

Shannon Kendall

Purebred German Sheperd Dogs (GSD) have always been my favourite breed. After deciding that we wanted a GSD as a family pet, we started our search through the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) for breeders. When we met with Mauro from Citywide Sheperds, and visited his dogs, we instantly felt the warmth and passion that this kennel holds and recognized a top quality breeder. Mauro is an honest professional, friendly breeder, that is focussed on maintaining healthy and beautiful dogs.

In May 2015, we brought home our beauty of a male dog Duffy. Duffy is loyal, excellent tempered, intelligent breed, with a gorgeous red and black shiny coat. He is a magnificent companion for our family, is well socialized, and easily adapted to the large extension of family and friends visiting.

Duffy is on a raw dog food meal plan that is purchased directly from Citywide. This has maintained Duffy strong, and in good health, that we believe has saved us from costly veterinarian bills. The raw food comes in portions individually bagged, that is easy to store.

We highly recommend Citywide Sheperds. In fact, a female pup from their litter born in October 2016 has been reserved for my elderly Mom as a companion.

Thank you for the exceptional service Mauro, and the guidance you provide. You surpassed meeting our needs, and we thank you for making our experience a positive one.

Sincerely, Barb and William

I had German Shepherd dogs in the past when I was very young. I remember the strength and power these dogs can possess. When my two teenage girls told me repeatedly they wanted a German Shepherd dog as a pet I thought they were crazy! Especially when you consider the small size of our home! In doing some research, we found a local breeder and decided to at least go and chat – and see what the possibilities were in satisfying mostly our daughters wishes of being dog owners.

We met with Mauro, and immediately found him to be very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain about the different types of hair and the possible effect in the home and the commitment needed to raise a healthy dog. We were more interested in having a male dog and Mauro focused his information on the male characteristics. After a couple of visits, we were comfortable enough to reserve a pup and go through with the purchase details.

He told us about the paperwork and the different veterinarian visits and we followed his instructions up to our pickup date when we picked up our male in December 2016. He ensured us that the dog can be raised with a very calm nature and can be in a smaller house than even ours! As long as the dog is exercised twice daily and fed a proper diet to ensure he does not become overweight – he can lead a very satisfied and happy life within our environment.

I am pleased with our little guy’s progress – and would recommend Citywide German Shepherds as a breeder of choice for a well-tempered dog that will bring love and affection to your home every day unconditionally.

Tony  Caciolla